сражение, битва, бой, борьба, схватка

A fierce battle is raging between the two peoples. — Между этими двумя народами идут ожесточенные бои.

That's half the battle. — Это половина всего дела. /Это залог победы.

The love of battle is natural to all men. — Любовь к драке свойственна всем мужчинам. /Все мужчины любят драться.

I can't fight all your battles for you. — Я не могу лезть все время за тебя в драку.

Let him fight his own battles. — Пусть он сам за себя постоит.

They had a running battle with their neighbours about who owned the fence. — У них были постоянные споры с соседями о том, кому принадлежит забор.

A good beginning/starting is half the battle. The first blow is half the battle. — Доброе начало полдела откачало. /Лиха беда начало. /Почин всего дороже.

- decisive battle
- hard-fought battle
- valiant battle
- maiden battle
- mimic battle
- lost battle
- fierce battle
- bloody battle
- losing battle
- hand-to-hand battle
- air battles
- naval battle
- indicisive battle
- pitched battle
- big land battle
- land and sea battle
- word battle
- battle line
- battle losses
- battle map
- battle royal
- battle honour
- battle task
- battle practice
- battle report
- battle outposts
- battle order
- battle formation
- battle area
- battle casualties
- battle reconnaissance
- battle fleet
- battle squadron
- battle dress
- battle blouse
- battle pack
- battle scene
- battle for smth
- battle of Stalingrad
- battle of Waterloo
- battle of blades
- battle of revenge
- battle between armies
- battle between lions
- battle against heavy odds
- battle against the wind
- battle of water against fire
- battle between land and sea
- usual battle between the cops and the robbers
- battle for life
- battle for the titlle of champion
- battle of wits
- battle of nerves
- battle over the issue
- battle to the death
- battle with adversity
- line of battle
- issue of battle
- love of battle
- killed in battle
- in the height of the battle
- in the battle
- during the battle
- give a battle
- offer a battle
- accept a battle
- win a battle
- fight a 24 hour hard battles
- fight a fair battle
- fight a losing battle
- fight a life and death battle
- be above the battle
- give battle to the enemy
- fight a good battle for smth
- wage a battle
- fight one's battle
- fight smb's battles for him
- fight a running battle
- refuse battle
- start the battle
- turn the battle in favour of smb
- go into battle
- lead the army to battle
- distinguish oneself in a battle
- die in battle
- join battle
- great battle has taken place
- good health is half the battle
- army drawn up in battle array
See fight, n

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